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Hi my name is Angela and welcome to my website.

Like many, I started yoga as a means of reducing stress,  bringing a sense of calm and strength to my body and my mind. 

 I have been fortunate to have practiced yoga for over 15 years and can honestly say that Yoga is still my favorite of all physical practices.

My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degree from Saint Francis Xavier University.   I am a teacher in the Fort McMurray Catholic School System system and have transferring my teaching skills to yoga instruction was an easy transition.  I consider myself to be so fortunate to be able to practice yoga daily and to share my knowledge with others through my classes.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “Union.  Union of the mind, the body and the spirit or soul.  If the three are not united in a practice then the practice itself just remains a physical form of activity.  Adding the breathwork or pranayama, the quieting or stillness of the mind and a feeling of gratitude is what makes yoga so unique, beautiful and beneficial to all.

All classes follow a traditional Hatha Yoga Style and some Flow will be implemented into each class.  

Classes are open to newbies as well as those who have practiced yoga for many years.

As a teacher I never categorize my students into beginners or advanced as I truly believe we as yoga practitioners always have something to learn along our yoga journey and no one ever truly masters the practice as we all feel differently each day both mentally and physically.

Students are always given opportunities to choose whatever version of a pose they wish to practice.  Some versions of poses are more restorative while others challenge the body more physically.  You get to choose for YOU which version meets your needs on that day.  I always encourage students that if feeling tired, to choose a gentler pose and if feeling more energetic to choose the more physical version of that pose.

My goal is to keep all classes at a comfortable number so that clients enjoy the atmosphere of each class.  I do not believe in the mentality of crowding students into a studio for the main purpose of making “big bucks.”  Generally classes are anywhere from 10- 15 students.  I pride myself in offering quality over quantity and believe that yoga classes should provide a welcoming, refreshing and safe environment for all.

I focus strongly on proper and correct body alignment while entering, holding and exiting the pose.  Emphasis is also placed on using different forms of breathwork and connecting it to the asanas or poses.   My classes follow a traditional Hatha style with some flow sequences included once students are able to safetly execute the individual poses.  I truly believe students should not participate in a full flow class unless they have been properly trained in the static poses of Hatha.

Classes are held at Holy Trinity Dance Studio in Timberlea.  Please check under schedule to see the availability, days and times.

My Yoga Certifications include:

Hatha Yoga from SOYA, Scotch Creek BC

Restorative from Tikum Vancouver BC

JOGA:  Yoga for Jocks/Athletes, Toronto

Yoga for Runners, Vancouver, BC

I’ve also attended workshops in  Flow, Yin and Pre-Natal.

I am also a certified member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Yoga For Golfers Certification course with Katherine Roberts and will have this certification by Spring, 2014

Retreats are also offered throughout the year:  October, January, March and May.  Please continue to watch the website for more information on these retreats. 

I look forward to all returning and new clients.



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