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Spring 2016 Schedule

All classes follow a traditional Hatha Yoga Style and some Flow will be implemented into each class.  

Classes are open to newbies as well as those who have practiced yoga for many years.

As a teacher I never categorize my students into beginners or advanced as I truly believe we as yoga practitioners always have something to learn along our yoga journey and no one ever truly masters the practice as we all feel differently each day both mentally and physically.

Students are always given opportunities to choose whatever version of a pose they wish to practice.  Some versions of poses are more restorative while others challenge the body more physically.  You get to choose for YOU which version meets your needs on that day.  I always encourage students that if feeling tired, to choose a gentler pose and if feeling more energetic to choose the more physical version of that pose.

Saturdays:  April 23, 30 May 7 & 14 Location: St. Anne School Gym

In May I will be also offering Thursday night classes.  Please check back to see the schedule.

Investment:  4 classes $60.00:  Payment options: email money transfer, cheque or cash due on or before the first day of class.                                         

Please register online under registration.

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Tuesdays: 7pm

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